Keeping the peace

“All the times I hung my head to keep the peace”

My personal neurological architecture, coupled with my upbringing and personality, leaves my default state as one that tries to avoid direct conflicts with other humans.

I have been dealing with the outcomes of these preferences for some time now. Many of them have been positive, and appreciated by others. I am clever, good at problem-solving, and default to win-win solutions for those that want to play co-operatively. Some of them have been negative, and created tremendous challenges and impediments along my path.

The lesson I am (slowly! Incredibly, frustratingly, dazzlingly slowly) learning:

I rarely regret observing, speaking and acting against what I perceive as injustice.

The converse lesson is that complicity in injustice, however slight, lies heavily on my regard.

I have never been advised by any of the Actually Wise to lower my standards.

The resulting implications are burdensome.

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