Bullshit Tolerance

Bullshit tolerance changes is a variable that changes over time.

You may be noticing elements of this within yourself. Right now, how tolerant of Bullshit are you? I am presently tolerating a higher than normal amount of Bullshit, because I am getting Paid Well.

For a while recently, I thought my tolerance of Bullshit was dropping, but it was more clever than me, and it was actually just changing form while I held an incorrect and outdated model of it in my mind.

Frustratingly, the new Bullshit comes with more power, worldly riches, and opportunities. It becomes easier to be tempted to get Got. I have been Got.

This is frustrating, saddening, and also a little bit funny at the same time, because the tricks I was Got by are old and familiar in strategy, even if the execution has changed a little. So I can’t honestly say that I didn’t have opportunities to not get Got.

Being Got by Bullshit feels Tolerable, but it also feels like a Trap. I’m going to have to start digging my way out.

If you’re in here too, you may as well grab a shovel.