Your career counselor is a lying fuck

By virtue of who you are and how you’re reading this, if you’ve ever interacted with a career counselor, there’s a good chance they were peddling you some stupendous Bullshit.

Jobs are less static than before. Less stable. The script you run engaging in a job will be shorter, with less predictable results. Satisfaction will not arrive in this manner.

Career paths are fractal complexities. They are staggeringly anfractuous. Every time you look, more opportunities for specialisation and development abound. The deeper you go, the deeper it gets.

The jobs you’ll have in the near to medium future haven’t been invented yet. The reason you can’t train for them now – the feeling of running a poorly defined race – is because the jobs are still coalescing.

Jobs are becoming shorter-lived. The efficiency of jobs increases as we mechanise and automate our processes. Short, iterative bursts.

Your competition is global, but so are your opportunities. Local options abound, but it’s worth sticking your head over the parapet every now and then.

The value of ideas is an emerging market and we, collectively, are still only beginning to rationalise it. Ideamarkets don’t exist yet; therefore, market inefficiencies exist.

Ideas and entrepeneurship built around physical objects have tremendous upside. Information saturates, bits rot. Think about whether The Village Blacksmith and their works will outlast you – and if they do, why?

If you notice a deficit being run, that means the model is unsustainable. Unsustainability means you need to reassess your timeframes, or exit the venture rapidly.